Benefits of Attending


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Learning how to design your product so it complies with EMC regulations can save you from having a finished product that fails during its regulatory compliance testing. Redesigning or adding fixes to a failed product can be expensive and time consuming.

You will learn the methodology of how to minimize EMC problems, starting with the design process through final testing and approval, all of which will be brought to life through hands-on practical application to real life products.

Included with the seminar:

  1. A large workbook of the slides used in class
  2. Worksheets used to calculate harmonics from PCB, cable emissions and cabinet shielding
  3. Computer software used to make some of the calculations
  4. Textbook: Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design, 3rd edition
  5. Specific examples and calculations
  6. Lunch each day

Other Benefits

What previous attendees have said about the seminar/workshop

"It's a good intro for beginners, yet still challenging for experienced engineers." – Nick K.

"Speakers are very helpful and experienced; between the 3, a very vast amount of material covered." – Garrett G.

"It covers all the essentials of EMC." – Leonardo M.

"Learned a lot of very useful methods to better future designs." – Michael S.

"Best course available." – William B.

"Very applicable to design work."

"Great information that can be applied to nearly any design."

"This course gives a great understanding of EMC in PCBs/Cables."

"Good overall training for any electrical engineer working in Home Appliances."
– Cameron C.

"Unparalleled knowledge."

"Covers wide range of topics." – Bruce C.

"A good course with a lot of practical information."

"Focused on possible problems/troubleshooting."

"Great information on shielding and calculations on radiated noise." -Marcin S.

"Really good insight into proper design and troubleshooting techniques." -Nakul A.

"Very comprehensive and at the right level for most engineers." -George B.

"Every design engineer should take this class or a similar class. Very helpful." -Dave J.

"Best program I've seen. Software provided is worth the price of the seminar." -Scott D.

"(It is) great to have people who know their stuff teaching the class." -Gedas V.

"Course was easy to follow and extremely applicable to our company's needs." -Anthony C.

"Provides much information on a lot of subjects which I have had some experience with, but have never gotten solid explanations of until now." -John Y.

"Comprehensive yet flexible for individual concerns." -Roger B.

"Excellent material and the tour of the facility was very beneficial." -Scott B.

"Lots of seemingly rare information." -Jeremy M.

"It will save time at the test lab." -John H.

"It teaches how to think about EMC and also gives tools for calculating expected results." -Peter T.

"Knowledge gained not seen in college courses."

"Very useful handout material for reference."

"This the most technical EMC Seminar I have attended."

"It provides a very good foundation in EMC." -Troy W.

"The course material is great for PCB designers (CAD design) as well as electronic design engineers." -Bryan P.

"...detailed and current information vital for EMC compliance of electrical designs for experienced and new engineers." -Greg F.

"Provides a wealth of information and value." -Kurt C.

"Complete coverage of hard to find topic." -Brian S.

"Information cannot be easily obtained by any other way."

"Our company is just beginning to ship electronic products. Many models will go to Europe so the better all of our engineers understand this subject matter the less problems we will have later." -Dan W.

"Great overall structure of class. Very good knowledge that I will be able to take forward." -John A.

"Presents vital information for anyone that will be designing products that need EMC testing." -Charles U.



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